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 Author Stephen King rips First Lady Melania Trump (31)

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Author Stephen King rips First Lady Melania Trump

Stephen King is a Rabid Progressive and like all Rabid Progressives he doesn't mind kicking someone when they're down.

The horror author (who hasn't written a good book in decades) took to Twitter on Monday to post a cruel and disgusting joke about First Lady Melania Trump who had just undergone emergency surgery for a kidney ailment a surgery that will keep her in the hospital for a week.

"Not to be snarky, but Melania can probably use a week’s rest from Blabbermouth Don," King tweeted. "Sounds heavenly to me," he wrote moments after the White House announced the surgery.

Just a snotty childish tweet mocking the president and the Progressives need to keep talking LMAO

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4 points

This Low Life Sewer Sludge should crawl back into the drain where his ego lives!

Again the Progressives expose who they are !

3 points

What a nice picture of the like minded.

He thinks Obama was a great President. He's obviously delusional. Talk about a horror story!

Stephen King is nothing more than a hate-filled abusive hack.

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The Death Rattle from a second rate plagarist whose works consisted mainly of the, not so thinly, veiled duplication of other people's literary works.

During such times of distressing health issues it is traditional for most decent folk to refrain from making comments which will add to the anxiety within the family.

Not so the FILTH Stephen King whose hallmark is to ignore The Red Cross and snipe at the infirm from a position of safety.

Such is the ''BADGE OF COWARDICE'' of all progressives.

3 points

I note from the photo that birds of a feather flock together.

Both the characters in the snapshot live in a world of outlandish fantasies and get their kicks from back shooting men of substance who get their sleeves rolled up and tackle the dirty jobs so romantic fantasist scum bags like King can GET A FREE RIDE.

It amazes me how brilliant some are in their own professions, but when they step into the political arena, they're total full-on retards.

1 point

Talk about sensitive snowflakes...

outlaw60(13485) Disputed
2 points

What you got to say Snowflake ? You want to see how Progressives reacted to the opposition of Obama ! Come on Snowflake lets play

Jace(4696) Disputed
1 point

Said what I gotta said, snowflake. So blow me blizzard.

outlaw60(13485) Disputed
1 point

Run and Hide is all you got but wait there is one better than that. If it was not for double standards the Progressives would have no standards at all ROTFFLMMFAO

Jace(4696) Disputed
2 points

No run. No hide. Only lollerskating.

Eh. Still a good author. And I dont really care about that tweet. It’s just a little bit of harmless humor.

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I honestly dont understand what those links were supposed to show me.