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Bronto wars Stop Bronto no more winning
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Bill Maher and Libs are scared that Trump will win again... and he will

And other Liberals are in denial about it...
What we are seeing is rich Liberals living in a bubble, telling us normal human beings who don't live in their world that? Being rich is "the problem"... And they wonder why we don't buy their bs... It's mega rich liberals telling mass numbers of poor liberals that being rich is the problem in order to? Control them, maintain social control at every level and never actually change anything for the better (They simply want more power and more control). And now they've lost any real narrative, any real substance, and can't even tell you what they stand for (The propaganda machine doesn't work anymore). And they are in a panic, as they should be. They've lost control of their power. Their poster children of leadership are a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, an old Socialist anti-Capitalist with 3 houses, and a drunken old lady. 


Bronto wars

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Stop Bronto no more winning

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Hello bront:

I BELIEVE in democracy.. That's why I BELIEVE the Republican controlled congress will IMPEACH him, and bring this national nightmare to an END.


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I cant see it. He is one of the most unpopular presidents of all time. All the Democrats have to do is find someone that is sane to run against him and people are more likely to vote for that person. Unfortunately, this wasnt Clinton.

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