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Black Veil Brides

Personally, I love them.....


Tongue out

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The last is the best, but weddings are about life, not death. That is why people wear white.

| Side: Black Veil Brides

Have you ever heard that song by Billy Idol, It's a nice day for a Goth Wedding ;)

Me neither but he should write one ;)

| Side: Black Veil Brides
1 point

Whatever floats your boat. They look like vampire brides to me...

| Side: Black Veil Brides
1 point is just a bad color for a wedding dress. White is symbolic, blue could even work under the right circumstances.

| Side: Black Veil Brides
1 point

Guys, there is a band called Black Veil Brides.... Watch this...

Black Veil Brides- Fallen Angels

| Side: Black Veil Brides

They were my favorite band since I was 14 ahaha. I love their new look too, it's more fresh.

| Side: Black Veil Brides

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