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Are we being SPAMMED by bots from some shoe company and some political organization trying to propagandize us about flipped classrooms??  Do bots register on millions of sites and spread their spam?

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The shoe company are spamming us, yes. The flipped learning, however, is being discussed by real people. Taking part in the flipped learning debate is a homework assignment for a school.

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I personally believe they are in a way registered since all devices and internet addresses are recorded and nothing escapes the record.

This is one of the few sites I have stumbled across where bots are not a problem. I think those guys talking about the flipped classroom are genuine. I could be wrong of course, but the blog says that the site has been used by at least one university in the past. The type of bot you usually see on sites like this is a voting bot. Sock accounts are used to manipulate voting here, but I have yet to stumble across substantial evidence of bottery.