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 Boy wonder does it again. (17)

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Boy wonder does it again.

"That's the problem. Anecdotal evidence is easily the weakest form of evidence and the most unreliable. Bigfoot sightings, and alien abductions are supported solely by anecdotal evidence. A memory is just as biased as the person holding the memory. Your refusal to do any actual research is characteristic of anti-intellectualism. If you are really interested in understanding our current recession, watch this video:" Bohemian


Bohemian claims he knows more than me and even states we are still in recession, regardless of what the Economist say.



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We are out of the recession by the slimmest of technicalities, yes, however the current conditions are only marginally better than they were only a few years ago. Being out of a recession by a mere 2% is like being out of boiling hot water, by entering water that is only a scalding 210 Degrees Fahrenheit. But hey, at least you're not in boiling hot water anymore. So if you would like to do your "I was right about something" dance, now would be the appropriate time.

Supporting Evidence: The Recession (
Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
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Of course this only a technicality, but bottom line is your wrong. You claimed to have superior knowledge of economics and failed economics 101. How does the guy that claims to know everything make such huge mistake?

Bohemian(3867) Disputed
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BOHEMIAN: "I think he (TheWayItis) has a slight obsession with trying to prove me wrong on something, anything really." 1day 4hrs ago


THEWAYITIS: "Of course this only a technicality, but bottom line is your wrong." 2 hrs ago

Did I not predict that? Whether or not this is an official recession or a de facto recession, is unimportant. They're functionally the same. And according to Warren Buffett we're still in the Recession, under a different measure. "Buffett said he defines a recession differently from the NBER, saying it ends when real per capita gross domestic product returns to its pre-downturn level."

You claimed to have superior knowledge of economics and failed economics 101

Based on what exactly? I said 'this' recession. That was my mistake. You claimed that the recession was caused by terrorists. What I said was the dress equivalent of having an untied shoe, what you said was the dress equivalent of forgetting to put on pants.

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Are you guys sure this is necessary? It's probably just a matter of opinion... Bohemian is just a little more cynical; it's just a byproduct of this generation.

What we are presenting experiencing is the effects of a recession and not a recession.

Definition of Recession: The textbook definition of a recession is when GDP growth is negative for two consecutive quarters or more.

Current GDP for 2011 forth quarter is estimated at 2.8% and third quarter 2011 was 1.8%. In fact the last recession we had is in 2nd Quarter of 2009.

Supporting Evidence: Proof that Bohemian talks out his butt (
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I'm also surprised to see that you started using links....The end of the World must be Nigh.

Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
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I use only those links that are not opinions, blogs, or wishful thinking. To state a cases on such atrocity is to make ones case for the opposing side. Bad evidence is worst than no evidence. A foundation built on quick sand is destined not to stand.

Bohemian(3867) Disputed
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You've only recently started using links. I wonder why that is? What was it you said about links and about the internet being a propaganda machine?