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 Britain altering pound coin to make harder to counterfeit. (6)

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Britain altering pound coin to make harder to counterfeit.

What are your views?

Would you rather they switched to Euro?

Should the world stick to cards only?
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I personally support this; it helps prevent coin fraud and frankly the design is far sexier than a simple circle.

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Yah we did just do a make-over for out Pound coin, and a right bloody mess it has been so far.

But it won't enter our circulation till March an' then it'll be gradually replacing the existing round coins. The old pound will be phased out by next fall because its design makes it vulnerable to counterfeiting. I heard from my mate in the Mint that the new one is gonna be 12-sided! And she's gonna be the most difficult coin in the world to fake.. it even has some sorta hidden high-security feature that protects it against counterfeiting.

But like I was goin' on about, she's a pain in the royal arse because of its shape and because its different metal and different weight too. the bloody thing won't even fit into vending machines right now. or lockers or shopping trollies.

last I gathered we had about half a million vendor kits back home, so the cost of this new transition might not be worth what we been losin' from the counterfitting wankers!

Lopilulu(286) Disputed
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Why not get rid of physical cash altogether? That will stop counterfeiting dead in its tracks.

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How much does it weigh? Because if it's less than a pound then I'm yelling Shenanigans!

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Weighs a lot less. Takes about 20 to make a pound.

Grenache(6106) Disputed
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Then SHENANIGANS I say! If you're going to call it a pound it needs to be a pound. Or call it a 1/5 pound.