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It's true, It's true It's irreducibly self evident
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Brontoraptor's Sole Desire Is To Distort Reality Like Black Holes Distort Space/Time

It's true, It's true

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It's irreducibly self evident

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So you are accusing me of being you. Interesting. Maybe I am and didn't know. Hell, everyone else on the site is you, so why not me too...

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The_Eye(63) Disputed
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Wrong again brontofaptor. Honesty is my highest value, winning an argument is yours. Since conservatism is built upon a foundation of pure selfishness, superstition and fallacy you are forced to flip reality like a pancake in order to make a point.

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Any friend (of your type), of Bronto is a friend of mine. I often wonder if he might have been a nice guy, before he decided on conservatism as a guiding light. So sad. ;-)

Side: It's irreducibly self evident
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Brontoraptor's highest value is winning arguments? Hell of an argument you have there nom.

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