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Bulgarian Gladiator Spartacus Made A Complete FOOL Out Of Roman Conservatives


He made you all look like the completely stupid fools you are!!!


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But Mein Might Of Rome

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The only parties in the West to have slaves were the left wing parties. That's why the Republican Conservative had to take your slaves away from you.

Spartacus was a right wing man who referenced the gods as his inspiration to fight back the left wing Romans who supported an omnipotent state.

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They don't even NEED Spartacus today! They have TRUMP! (Family originated not far from Bulgaria ;-)

Rome should have followed the Greeks. They "invented Demokratia" (Or direct rule by the people) in 507 BC! Today, again, we have Trump ….. will we never learn??! He's made a complete fool out of U.S. conservatives! ( I first typed "American" conservatives, but, that would be a misnomer :-)

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