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 CBS Anchor to DHS Official: How could you let Sick Immigrant Child Out of Hospital? (6)

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CBS Anchor to DHS Official: How could you let Sick Immigrant Child Out of Hospital?

On Wednesday, eager to frame the death of a Guatemalan child as the fault of the Department of Homeland Security, one CBS news anchor had to be enlightened by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan that the release of the child from the hospital was not the decision of DHS, but the medical staff at the hospital.Co-anchor Dana Jacobson’s first question asked McAleenan, “In our reporting earlier, Commissioner, it was said that the child had a 103-degree fever earlier in the day. Why bring a sick child back to a detention center instead of keeping him at the hospital?” McAleenan replied, “That’s a call made by the medical professionals.”

The Leftist care only about the Children when they are out of the Womb !!!!!!!!!!!!
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For so many Well Paid and Rich News Media who care so damn much don't see any of them down there telling them not to put their kids in danger and giving up their money for the Illegal Aliens to go home.

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These parents are not parenting to haul a child across Mexico and refuse a job, amnesty, housing and education from Mexico for a check from USA.

Not the problem of American taxpayers to pay for non-citizens that want to bring their problems to the Southern Border because they cannot take care of their children.

CBS knows what's what, but they're going to stick to the liberal narrative of blaming ICE and the Border Patrol as per the DNC directives. The real blame lies with the "parents" of these kids who put them in danger by bringing them on such a long and arduous trek across Central America and Mexico. Mexico is the first safe haven, the first port in the storm, but they took a gamble with their kid's lives to try to get into the U.S. Sadly, the kids lost in these instances.

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It is amazing that 550 people have died in the Windy City from gun violence but yet the open borders crowd cares deeply for the children of Honduras and Guatemala.

They only care about making political hay with these kids and nothing more.