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Can Africa ever become predominantly first world?

Africa has been a septic tank in many places for a while now, but it was once a pristine place full of natural resources. Those resources have now been largely exploited and that natural beauty has been largely undermined by mankind's efforts to destroy everything it comes into contact with. Will Africa ever find peace? Will Africa ever find stability? Will the giant gaping wound on this planet known as Africa ever be healed? There is little chance of a united Africa any time soon, but can they at least become a predominantly first world continent? 

Africa can find stability

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Africa will always suck

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In the future, provided that humanity continues to advance technologically, we can expect one of two scenarios to take place. Either a one world government will be established in the form of a technocratic dictatorship, Or a global civilization will be established in the form of a Resource Based Economy. If we go down the technocratic dictatorship route most of the people living in africa will die and the rest will be slaves. If we go down the RBE route then we will be using the black people from africa to man the dyson spheres, since they can cope with the radiation of the sun due to their blackness. If you took that last line seriously then you're retarded.

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Fill it with Americans ;)

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jeffreyone(1294) Clarified
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Who are Americans? African Americans, European descent Americans, Naturalised American israelites, Chinese, Trump?, or red indians?

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which ever are capable of making Africa great. . ;)

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Someday the entire Northern Hemisphere will blow each other up, and then unless the whole world gets destroyed along with it then the Southern Hemisphere, including Africa, will rise. Think about it. The fiercest arsenals in the world aren't typically pointed anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere unless it's for a temporary surgical strike.

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FactMachine(432) Disputed
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I don't think that will happen because most of the Northern hemisphere is already controlled by the same banking elite zionist shadow government.

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So you mean I'm not going to get nuked? Whew! Thank god for that banking elite zionist shadow government!

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If 'ever' means forever, that's a very long time. I hope some day Africa might catch up but I don't see it happening in the next hundred years.

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Africa is a big continent and cannot be properly understood as a unity. There are many countries in Africa but more than this North Africa is very different culturally from Sub-Saharan Africa. North Africa is Muslim and strongly influenced by its Arabian history. It was, at one time first among the civilizations. It has been arrested in its development while Europe became the location of the industrial revolution and the emergence of a new developed world. What prevents Sub-Saharan Africa from developing is its tribalism and the poor government this has created. There are obstacles to be overcome.

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What do you expect? There are over 2000 languages and tribes in Africa.

The fall of babylon wasn't a break down of their gates but a break down of communication; increase in different languages spoken(tribalistic).

When some groups were to build a tower high up to the heavens, God destroyed it not with an army but multiplied their languages and they went separate ways.

Whether a myth or not it sends the same message.

Also african independent governments should make the right efforts as independent coountries to develop....but that isn't the case when 80% of leaders are smelly corrupt and money greedy.

Yet africans don't care how one is corrupt as long as it's their tribes man leading the nation.

They don't care how intelligent you are or benevolent your agenda is for the country if you are not a tribe man.

They are inward looking.

But it is different with a few other tribes.

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If we looked at Africa overall, yes there is poverty, famine, corruption and so on. But as an African I can say that growing up in south Africa was just so amazing. I honestly wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Sure as country we have have some issues but we are so happy, we have amazing weather, so many different climates, deserts, beaches,high velds, low velds, mountains, rivers ,lakes, savannas, we have two different oceans, amazing people amazing nightlife, music , food. Honestly even though we are labeled as 3rd world countries and poor, we are rich in heritage and respect for each other. Which to me beats everything else.

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Since the 1950s schools in my country ( Republic of Ireland ) had collection boxes where once a week children donated pennies for the " black babies " roll onto the year 2017 and it stil goes on with charities screaming for money for the lastest disaster fund in Africa .

If it not famine it's diseases or war , if Africa is ever to be deemed first world it has a lot of work to do

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Dr. Kwame Nkrumah a president from Africa tried uniting Africa, he achieved it with three countries; Ghana , Guinea , Mali. Helped these countries financially including the old time korea and other asian countries(since he was a communist), helped many countries gain independence in Africa. America/European felt threatened and sabotaged his country's exports on the international market like they did to zimbabwe, north korea, venezuela etc.... and one day when he travelled to china, America sponsored a coup detat with guns in fish boxes moved on ships like they did to Qadafi.

When he heard of it, he settled in russia first and was preparing a come back take over but the few russian soldiers already in his country's presidential palace underground informed that there were too many American soldiers awaiting on the shore.

So he never was able to return to his country or he could have been killed like Qadafi was.

Over years one of his followers succeeded in a coup detat and ordered for him to be returned but it was too late since he was soon dying of cancer. He had time to say goodbye and wrote books to warn Africa about America and his prophesy came true with Qadafi....Mugabe was a freedom fighter who believed in him that is how come he sacked every white from Zimbabwe.

Every African leader that had vision was crushed by America. Because they don't want power competition, they want Africa begging so they give in to one world government rule for economic comfort and Qadafi's was becoming a nuissance.

Unfortunately more idiotic presidents have emerged from Africa than the sensible so they either don't care, are just greedy, or think it's not possible so given up.

And yes, you will have some moronic and illiterate Americans blaming Africa, North Korea, Venezuella, libya(in the future) etc for their poor economic state and playing ignorant of the major role their country plays in it and the benefit they derive from it; New world Order, which will never also work.

You can't have your strength on someone's plight; bully , evil.

Aids go to Africa for favour of America in the eyes of African president to help pass dictated rules to African a foreign land. Whenever an African president refuses a dictated law, they are threatened financially either to cut aid or sabotaged on international trade.

Let the illiterate Americans speak

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Well said Jeffrey, the sick global economic system has been keeping africa down. The US has always been the globalist's weapon against any poor country trying to gain economic independence.

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jeffreyone(1294) Clarified
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America plans to clash and crush Russia in the future as part of the one world government agenda and north korea is just a nuissance.

South America will be sabotaged and kept poor and bitter and too weak economically to rise and transcend into being a world security competition in nukes. They will be tagged with paranoia and baseless mantra.

Africa will be too busy focused on developing it's economic state and resolving internal tribal wars to be paying attention to international security defence.

And America being nice to Africa, they gain favour in the eyes of African leaders and will be ready to volunteer their soldiers to back America in war.

The whole of Europe is already on the side America.

South Korea is already America's bitch.

America is the guy who recks your car, later repairs it and expects you to be grateful to him instead of calling it even.

That is what they did to japan.

Destroyed japan, built japan and made japan his forever grateful bitch.

America was tryna use business to strengthen friendship with china and eventually make it's bitch as tried to impose it's dictated sanction to force china to ensure North korea goes on it's knees(apparent). In an attempt to put china in a tight corner, but china still has a lot of will power to resist America's aggressive oppression. America's plan to make russia hostile is failing bitterly.

And would have worked smoothly if not for that tiny country called north korea. Who is capable of single handedly washing away all america's allies in Asia.

America trying to deal with them brings emnity between they and China instead of friendship.

But if north korea is defeated, and added to the south's.

And china is made a big ass American bitch(impossible), All of Europe, America, most of Africa together will defeat Russia.

Israel or pakistan wouldn't dare to defend russia because they will do that at their own puerile.

Though they will resist one world government, America will go ahead with it with most countries ready to bow.

South Americans may become anti North American terrorists, and that will give North America a justifiable reason to crush them finally and take control.

If any other smaller countries resist new world order, they will be sabotaged on international trade and after years of starvation the people may pull down their own presidents with protests and let America in.......

America wins...

But this will forver be an American dream.

It will never happen.

North korea may be defeated but

China will never be America's bitch.

Russia will never be isolated.

Africa is not willing to go to war for America no matter the economic support.

South America will be atleast stable.

Mission failed.

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It'll probably need to start by getting rid of slavery. The NFL players will protest that they won't. They'll stay silent on the issue, and they'll stay in America where they have it goooooooood.

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