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Can music save lives?

Ok, music has saved my life (if you know me and want to know when I hit rock bottom, just ask)

So, I just want to know if it has saved your life or if you think it can


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No... It's just noise...

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a girl (no names- we'll call her daniella) was listening to music on her ipod, while her mum was fetching something from her office. (daniella was in the car). a car crashed into her and because she didn't see it, she didn't tense. that made sure her injuries weren't fatal. so she survived

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The same can be said about a drunk. Should we then encourage people to drink? Noise hurts those tiny hairs inside your ear and causes hearing loss.

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yep. music has saved many lives. I don't really wanna put up any source but if you think not then check for yourselves. in fact, sometimes music has even pulled people out of depression. inspiration music is a great way to feel good when you are low. and music is not just noise. although many singers do make it sound so.

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also it may even help a person die a peaceful death. so music saves and also makes death beautiful too.

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Yes, because if you are feeling like shit, you could listen to music that make you feel better. I do that every time I feel bad about myself.

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Music can save lives because if music can have an impact on the lives of many, then it can also save lives. Many people who listens to music sometimes resort to drugs and sex because of the influence of music. Similarly, music can provide an inspiration for people who may be thinking about committing suicide. So yes, music can have the potential to save lives in as much as many people die from the over dose of drugs or gang activity under the influence of music.

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I would say in some instances music can save someone's life. Perhaps the lyrics to a song saved someone from committing suicide.

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Why listen to thoughts of someone else? Have you no thoughts of your own? Music is not limited to just someone yelling or pounding a keyboard at you, it can be found in many things. A bird chirping, an engine running, the hum of electric, all a form of music. It is too bad that people need to be entertained because they cannot entertain themselves. To leave someone alone with their own thoughts, a deafening silence to so many.

Does music save lives? It may save a few, but so does, seat belts, airbags, doctors, etc. I'm sure that its contribution is minimal at best.

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