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Can one Legitimately Identify with a Different Race than that of their Biological Birth?

Consider the case of Rachel Dolezal:  


Is Trans-Racial a legitimate concept?


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Can one legitimately Identify.......

Hello x:

Legitimate mean legal, and there NO law against saying your black when you're not.. Besides, this IS a free country, and if you wanna identify with a brick, that's your RIGHT..


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People who identify with race are falling for a con.

I'm thoroughly convinced. It's some kind of pride bullshit, that's for sure.

Oh yeah, it also might be something that is reinforced through SYSTEMATIC RACISM.

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xMathFanx(1610) Clarified
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Do you consider yourself Post-Modernist in this way?

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TzarPepe(793) Clarified
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I have an aversion to labels in general because I am aware of identity fallacies. Something they don't seem to teach well if at all in schools because it undermines all of their indoctrination and would lead to society possibly regaining its sanity.

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Extremely well said. In this, we really have the same stance - I'm only on the other side there to point out the ridiculousness of the concept.

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You mean like as a dog, or as a cat, perhaps?

We are all human, the species can be traced back to Africa. Identifying as an African, by heritage, is then oddly legitimate for everybody. That's all the same race.

To my original thought - we don't give the same rights to dogs, cats, or other animals - nor do we hold them to the same standards - responsibilities. As to anyone's personal life, let them identify as anything they care to - but legally, 'legitimately', we have to treat them as human.

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Self identification with any generic label is logically unsound and generally impractical, but so long as people are willing to make concessions elsewhere then anyone identifying with any race is fair game since race is an arbitrary classification system anyways.

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