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Can someone prove what atheism has got to do with science?

Why do atheists want us to see them as men deeply knowledgeable in science. 
So if i go to church , believe in God but Graduated as a Biologist...
Does my affiliation with science(and it's knowledge depth i have) make it a must to tag myself as atheist?
Is atheist a synonym for "professor of (some)scientific knowledge"?
If i have very minimal  knowledge in science but eventually become atheist, do i compulsorily deserve a doctorate  degree in some scientific field? and be projected as such? and be given that respect by society? Must i be given the benefit of the doubt(that i am deeply clever and knowledgeable about science) because i am now atheist?

Please is atheism and science the same or independent of each other?
Must an atheist work his way towards science or relax in an arm chair and announce his belief state of atheism and then science finds it's way to him, to give him the tag of "highly intelligible in scientific knowledge"?
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In order to understand the world, an atheist must look to science for answers. Religious people don't see it as necessary.

jeffreyone(1270) Disputed
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I don't want anything on official religions.

Only atheism(informal/unorganised) i want.

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Please is atheism and science the same or independent of each other?

They are independent of each other. To link science to Atheism is to suggest that Christians can't be scientists or believe in science. It's simply not the case.

I can explain. In science, as in law, the burden of proof is on the claimant. That means that unless you can prove God exists, there is no rational reason to believe he exists.

TzarPepe(793) Disputed
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Without God, there is no such thing is "knowledge". "Knowledge" is a meaningless concept without God.

The scientific method is a methodology to achieve knowledge. Knowledge is intrinsically tied to someone who knows. If someone could fully know The Supreme and Ultimate Reality, this could not by definition be "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality".

So we cannot "know" God, but we sure can recognize God. The proofs are everywhere to those who accept them. There is no question about God. God is a given.

jeffreyone(1270) Disputed
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Where did this come from?

You set your own question and you answer it?.....


I would venture to guess that Atheists have a plethera of different reasons.

My view is that science gives us the how but not the "who" or "what". It's like seeing a CNC running parts and assuming no one built the CNC. You see the CNC making things and call it the answer, but in reality someone from outside the CNC is the creator of all things CNC related, including the CNC itself.

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Atheists like me could not care less about how others perceive us , I don't know any atheist who goes around calling every Christian he sees stupid ; yet you call all atheists morons but get very upset that atheists may think themselves superior to Christians which most don't .

Atheism as I keep telling you is a position on one question alone and has nothing to do with science or anything else ; I bet you will immediately forget this and post up yet another debate on the same topic

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Atheism has nothing directly to do with science. It becomes about science when religion tries to stomp on science whenever its findings don't agree with the Bible.

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I always laugh when an atheist looks at me and says, "You are a Christion? look at science! it proves you are believing a lie!" because when I look at an atheist I say, "You don't believe there is a God? look at science! it proves that you are believing a lie."

It is funny how Satan has lied to the world so much so that they are now believing that science is against God. When really, God is the god of science, God invented science, God uses science as a tool, and science bends to the will of God.

There are lots of respected atheist scientists that have come to God because of what they have studied in science. And really, it is shocking the amount of biblical truth proved by science. Just watch "The Case for Christ" to see what real scientists say about the existence of God.

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Can someone prove what atheism has got to do with science?

Hello j:


If you learn your science in church, what you REALLY learn is religion DISGUISED as science.. If you're an atheist, however, you probably learned your science from scientists..

Did that help?


jeffreyone(1270) Disputed
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Your myopia is really deadly.... so isaac newton learnt science from church...oooooh okaaay.

So laws of gravity was first taught in church and newton grabbed it.

TzarPepe(793) Clarified
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You hear it from the scribes or the pharisees.

I think that the most telling thing here is that there is nothing scientific about believing what a scientist says about anything.

You practice science to have knowledge. You hearing something, reading something, etc does not grant knowledge. Practicing science makes you scientific, not listening to the opinions of those who practice science.

You might as well just give it all to the wizards already otherwise.

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If everyone on earth applied strictly Scientific Standards to everything across the board then everyone would be atheists as of today. The counterargument would be that do to the limitations of Science today there is no proof of God, but Science may be able to prove the existence of a God in the future.

TzarPepe(793) Disputed
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Knowing something is not a prerequisite to believing something.

I do not "know" the supreme or ultimate reality, but I strongly believe that it exists. The evidence is everywhere.