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Can something feel good, but be wrong?


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Something can feel good for a moment, a day, a week, a month, or even a year, and then hit you years later as unacceptable or wrong.

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Getting drunk on a daily basis feels good. Do I need to tell you about the long term effects?

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Well, I "knew" a married woman once, had to deck her husband as he slapped her around. She was very … um … thankful. Could be considered wrong, I guess, but, felt good ….. twice. ;-)

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That which provides short term satisfaction often causes long term problems. It is often consideration of long term benefit at the root of warnings against acting on what feels good. In this light, the short run gain is often the long run loss.

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If there was nothing tempting about Sin, there would be no temptation...

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Porkchops69(15) Disputed
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Nutting in a chick when your a teenager and she ain't on birth control. Best nut eva, definately the wrong decision. Bayom

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