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Can we overcome entropy?

Is the universe doomed to heat death or can we save ourselves, and potentially the whole universe?


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Whether we escape to another universe or find some way to directly overcome entropy, I think it is possible for our future kin to survive the supposedly inevitable decline and decay of all systems. If entropy was so all powerful then the universe wouldn't even exist, because we already had the perfect chance for heat death back before there was any heat to begin with.

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From the Lake of Fire, the smoke of their (unrepentant sinners') torments will rise forever. Entropy won't help.

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FactMachine(432) Disputed
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From the lake of superstition their (unscientific christians) insanity will rise forever. Entropy is the reason you exist.

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NowASaint(1388) Clarified
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You call me superstitious and unscientific, then declare that entropy is the reason you exist? You don't have much of a reason for existing, do you? And apparently, you seem to equate science with some kind of goofy philosophy making entropy your god. What a disgrace for the public school system, pumping out so many minds which seem void of logic.

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