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Can you be a Muslim if....

Can you be a Muslim if you do not follow/believe the Hadith?
Express your thoughts below with evidence.


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"Muslim" is technically just an Arabic word that means "One who submits to the will of God". If you believe that God communicates to you, and that you are obedient when you are commanded by God to do various things. Who is anyone besides God to tell you whether you can identify as Muslim or not?

Surely there are tbose who want you to think of them and their favorite collection of scriptures as an alternative to simply praying to God. However it seems to me these folks want to hijack your devotion to God, get in between, and glorify themselves as Gods chosen messengers.

But you'd better take this advice with a grain of salt because Im atheist. :)

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zlUnreal(157) Clarified
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Let me Clarify then. Can you be a religious member of Islam and not follow/believe the Hadith.

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outlaw60(13964) Clarified
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The Muslim Lover will never understand your question the mentality is just not there.

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atypican(4878) Clarified
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Why in the world wouldn't you pray for this answer? Why seek a go between?

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outlaw60(13964) Disputed
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Now you say Muslims submit to the will of God and Mohammed is not communicating to Muslims ! You Leftist are so lost that your words make no sense !!!!!!!

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atypican(4878) Disputed
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Do you think those who follow Gods will regard Mohammed as a prophet?

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While the sanctimonious pseudo academics play around with words please note that as and at this morning, 26/05/2017 Britain's MI6 chief has stated that there are some 26,000 Islamic (Muslim) jihadists within the U.K., and all of whom represent a serious threat.

The only thing here to be aware of is that all these Muslim jihadists are in the midst of all western nations as a result of the cockeyed immigration policies of our ''BUCK STUPID POLITICIANS'' past and present.

Also, while we bandy words on this forum the most recent ''MUSLIM TERRORIST'' atrocity in Manchester, England has resulted in 22 dead and over 50 terribly injured and maimed. One young girl has lost both legs.

These deaths and shocking injuries were carried out by MUSLIM terrorists in accordance with the scriptures in their Koran and in the name of their prophet Mohammed as well as their God Allah.

All this courtesy of our ''POLITICIANS''who swamped the nations of the west with Muslims a % of whom will be committed terrorists with a further % who will be radicalized and become terrorists.

The Muslim terrorists carry out their acts of outrageous barbarity in the name of Allah and have interpreted passages in their Koran as calling for death to the infidels, non Muslims.

Yesterday 26 Egyptian Coptic Christians going to their place of worship were slaughtered by Muslim terrorists.

Due to the presence of Muslims living in Britain all public events will be patrolled by armed police ( undoubtedly some S.A.S. troops in police uniforms will be among their ranks) at a cost of £100s of millions and reducing the enjoyment factor of all those attending these recreational occasions.

Praise be to our ''POLITICIANS'', Mohammed and Allah.

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