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Can you be given something to take away all you have?


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If the first 'you' is the 'you' now and legacy of that person then yes. This is the power given to you in making a Will (as in the legal document) or any kind of deal where you trade immediate happiness (or even permanent life) for a long term reward of some kind to the conceptual future you (or idea of you) that is 'owed'.

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AIDS? A conservative President? (unless you're rich, that is). An arrest warrant? A ticking bomb?

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A conservative President? (unless you're rich, that is)

Let's take a looksie, shall we?

"So there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 million more people in poverty now than there were before Obama took office."


Democrats can't win until they recognize how bad Obama's financial policies were

-Washington Post

Why Trump is better for black America than Obama ever was

-The Hill america-under-trump-vs?amp

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AlofRI(2816) Clarified
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Let's look at THESE facts (I don't need the internet). Shortly after Obama took office, after he started turning the conservative destroyed economy around, The "DO NOTHING CONGRESS" was elected on a lie driven TEA Party platform. The CONGRESS (and the elected Senators) decided on a "make him fail" policy that caused the problems you dug up! He TRIED the Executive Order thingy, but, without the lockstep fascist type followers that Trump has, it was opposed as much as possible … unlike today … or recently. :-)

Hmmmm, "Trump is better for black America … " That's like saying Stalin's brand of "socialism" was good for "the People"! Everybody was everybody's "comrade" (but watch what you say!) Trump is everybody's friend, (but watch what you say! The fine people on the other side will get'cha, black boy!). ;-(

Trump recently climbed all over a black guy for doing something stupid. At the same time one of the "good ol' boys" was stopped before he killed a LOT of "libs" and judges, (everybody in the world that didn't support Trump!), etc. NOTHING about that "fine person on THAT side"! Yep! Trump is better for black America! They we're much happier when they were slaves … some conservative recently said!

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