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 Cecile Richards slams Gorsuch’s "Disturbing History on Women’s Issues". (21)

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Cecile Richards slams Gorsuch’s "Disturbing History on Women’s Issues".

 On Monday, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards said that Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch has a "disturbing history on women's issues."Mind you, Richards is that lady who runs an abortion mill responsible for over 300,000 baby deaths annually — at  least half of whom are female. "I think Justice Gorsuch has a disturbing history on women's issues and access to ... family planning and Planned Parenthood, so I think these hearings are going to be incredibly important to press this," said Richards. While the abortion mill mouthpiece is claiming the moral high ground over Gorsuch, her lucrative and scandal ridden nonprofit continues to dismember innocent babies by the hundreds of thousands on a yearly basis. 

"MAW" Richards daughter has a disturbing history of killing females something Neil Gorsuch has not done and the Progressive Richards try's to take the moral high ground on women's issues. Maybe if "MAW" Richards had access to Family Planning Cecile Richards would not exist !

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This is a beautiful example of the poisoning the well fallacy. Why don't you actually show that Neil has a good record on women's issues?

outlaw60(11111) Disputed
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Cecile Richards is poisoning the well SouthPark because she has a "Disturbing History on Women's Issues."

Cartman(18207) Disputed
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You poisoned the well. Fucking idiot.

I'll be interested to see Richard's views on her male, Muslim counterparts... ahem...

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The salary of Planned Parenthood Federation of America's (PPFA) president and CEO Cecile Richards was $590,928 last year – an increase of 40 percent since 2011.

What a nice price to be paid for a Murderer !