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 Chicken in the Bottle ~Zen Riddle~ (2)

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Chicken in the Bottle ~Zen Riddle~

A man took a bottle and gently placed an egg into it. The egg hached and the chicken grew to full size. The man then proceeded to go around asking people to get the chicken out of the bottle without killing the chicken or breaking the bottle. The opening of the bottle was only big enough for the egg to fit through though, so no one could get the chicken out.

Apperantly the man possed this question to a Buddha, who took two days to find the answer.

Lets see how long it takes you to get it =D

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You just imagined the chicken in the bottle, now just imagine the chicken out of the bottle.

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For a small chick to grow, it requires food and nutrients. Unless you are feeding, or adding more to the bottle, it will not grow, but rather stay the same size or die.

If you add things to the bottle, then it's not longer getting a chicken out of a bottle, but getting a chicken and a bunch of food out of a bottle. If allowed to grow, it ruins the concept of the experiment, for there cannot be added things, and if not allowed to grow, the chick or dead slightly older chick will fall out easily.