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Children and TSA full body scanners

Aren't the naked images of children, being produced by full body scanners at the airports, considered to be child pornography?  It is my opinion that all children should be exempt from the scanning process. 


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Hello mic:

Oh, they are.. I've SEEN some of those TSA guys with boners..


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When my eight-year-old daughter went through the full body scanner, they made her interlace her fingers behind her head and spread her legs open. (Definitely, kiddy porn.) The scanning process took about two minutes. Now, the old lady before her was only scanned for about five seconds... WTF!? Someone, somewhere, must've been seriously getting off on it. Shame on the TSA.

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Naked images of anyone, without sexual intent, is not pornography. In any case though, the way your FBI catches pedophiles is by sending them child pornography so your government has no problem with authorities being involved in child porn.

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When I was growing up naked baby pictures were standard--Not porn.

Pictures of little kids in the bathtub with suds on their heads and playing with rubber duckies, etc. are common (or used to be)--Not porn.

Some weird puritanical Victorian modesty has imposed itself on our societal consciousness to assume sexual intent without any reason whatsoever. This causes people to "create" porn out of innocent images and situations by simply thinking of it as dirty.

I am an American, grew up in this culture, and I still think that this American assumption that nudity is always sexual is in itself perverse.

Almost all of the occasions people are actually naked have nothing to do with sex.


-How is changing clothes sexual?

-How is bathing sexual?

-How is a medical exam sexual?

-How is sleeping (complete with snoring and drooling) sexual?

-How is sitting on the couch watching cartoons and eating cereal sexual?

-How is checking for guns/bombs in a diaper sexual?

People really need to get some perspective.

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