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Easy access to most products quality is suffering
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Chinese fake products: quality & quantity

China became vary popular, especially in field of producing goods. Fake brands prosper every day and it brings it's fruits. Fake brands are rampant in China sold with unreasonably low prices at marketplaces. Foreign companies have frequently complained of trademark violation. On the other hand, famous brands open factories in China to produce goods, but using much cheaper materials, because original goods have very high prices. For instance Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana bags are also produced in Chinese factories. How not to be decieved by low prices and getting awful goods?

Easy access to most products

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quality is suffering

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Western products such as clothes and DVD/CDs are so over-priced that the average Chinese salary cannot afford such luxuries. A store in China is not going to sell an expensive product that nobody will purchase, so instead they stock inexpensive, pirated knockoffs that will fly off the shelves.

Add to this fact that international copyright laws do not apply in China, or rather, they are not upheld or enforced, so there is no penalty for a Chinese retailer to carry fake stuff.

2 years ago | Side: Easy access to most products
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I totally agree with this point here. The products in China do not have the required quality and are not worth the price. ASYANA has tanning products that are available at

1 year ago | Side: Easy access to most products
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Chinese counterfeiting now costs foreign firms an estimated $20 billion a year in lost profits. In the case of one consumer goods manufacturer, as much as 70 percent of the goods on the market are counterfeits.

2 years ago | Side: quality is suffering
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China seems not only to make everything, it fakes just about everything as well.

Most of the Yamaha motorbikes here are not made by Yamaha. One-fourth of the Duracell and Energizer batteries are bogus. American Standard toilets, Head & Shoulders shampoo, Gillette razors and even reliable Skippy peanut butter are almost all of dubious quality. They even sell fake Viagra.

2 years ago | Side: quality is suffering
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Many of the auto parts made in China are unreliable, dangerous knockoffs of well-known international brands. The result is shoddy goods that often make their way around the globe.

And every day, tons of phony goods are shipped out, mostly to the Middle East, Africa and South America — right under the noses of the Chinese police.

China does crack down occasionally. Pirated videos and music CDs are regularly crushed for the news cameras.

But counterfeiting is now so big, officials are reluctant to shut it down completely, since it provides millions of badly needed jobs.

2 years ago | Side: quality is suffering
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China fakes a lot of things, ranging from clothes and finishing some kind of technology. People who really want to have quality things from China, should beware of fakes. But also there are people, who seeing a small price, try buy things that will work only for several months.

There are some examples of China's fakes: - batteries (panasonic) - shoes (puma) - jeans (D&G;)

and also - mobile phones (iPhone)

Examples endless, so quality of products should be at the first place in contrast to price and name of product which should be at second place.

2 years ago | Side: quality is suffering
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Too much Chinese fake prducts, see the report of Ministry of Public Security of China announces 10 major cases of counterfeit and fake goods at July 2012

2 years ago | Side: quality is suffering
1 point

in most cases quality of these products are not good, but still, it depends on a special case.

1 year ago | Side: quality is suffering

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