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 Christians: What does it mean to forgive someone? (8)

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Christians: What does it mean to forgive someone?

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It means that when someone has seriously wronged you, apologizes, and you could put the hammer down on them, you do not. It's a form of empathy based on the fact that you are acknowledging your own imperfection, thus show them grace due to that empathy.

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Agreed, but what do I do if someone refuses to repent? Do I have to forgive them anyway? I am willing to if you can provide Scripture for that. I am not refering to anyone on here, but someone I know committed a felony crime against me, and I have PTSD from it. My main issue is not actually the person who committed the felony, but the people who ignored my pleas for help. Does forgiveness mean never seeking justice, or can I seek justice if I love my enemies in Jesus' Name? I just want to know what Jesus would do, and obey Him.

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Last I checked, we are told to ask for forgiveness from God.

I would say there are two types of forgiveness.

One is for yourself. Letting it go in order to move on or to heal.

The other being the type someone genuinely asks for.

If God tells us to "ask for forgiveness", this suggests the second type that cannot he given unless openly asked for to be received. It resembles the cross. Christ offers the forgiveness. It can be rejected, thus, no forgiveness is given due to the rejection or not asking for said forgiveness.

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I would say that you forgiving the criminal for his crimes against you, would help over come the harmful memories of his crime.

This does not mean we should not expect him to face the penalty of his crimes. I do not believe God expects you to hide his crime from law enforcement.

I do not believe God expects us to forgive the crimes of unrepentant people. But I do believe that holding on to your anger towards him will keep you captive to his crime against you.

Let it go if possible and allow the rule of law to deal with him. Easy to say from someone who has not experienced such a thing. Good luck to you.

It means to go to your backyard, dig a hole, bury the hatchet and then make a map of where you buried it, in case you ever need to dig it back up again ;)

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I agree. I have been forgiven, so I should forgive.............................................................................................................................................

Good ;)

"Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us".

It's always good to forgive people in your heart and mind( very relief) but if they are yet unrepentant, they are toxic, just know how to keep your distance and if incidentally you ever meet, be very brief with interactions and in a hurry to walk away.