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 Christians are terrorist scum (5)

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Christians are terrorist scum
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The Wikipedia page for "Christian terrorism" to "All Christians are terrorists" is a pretty big jump, friend.

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Without Christians, the Muslims would have conquered Europe, and you'd be a Muslim today living under Sharia. You could eat no pork or bacon, women would still be 9th class citizens, gays would be killed, you would be forced to sacrifice live animals for Haj, and you couldn't consume drugs or alcohol.

In other words, you're welcome. We did you a favor.

jamesbody(276) Disputed
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Without Christians, the Muslims would have conquered Europe

Your backwards narrative is utterly farcical. The Muslims didn't come to Europe and try to conquer it. The Christians went to Asia and tried to conquer it. Shut the fuck up you unhinged Nazi idiot.

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For once, you speak truth.

m4_sherman(8) Disputed
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The Muslims moved through North Africa, conquered southern Spain and Portugal, as well as everything up to Constantinople, and you're telling me they didn't try to conquer Europe? The Crusades, as messed up as they were, were not a bunch of Christians trying to conquer Asia.