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Compact PST File using a Simple Manual Trick

PST File Size Limit

Microsoft Outlook stores all your email messages and other mailbox items in an Outlook data file called PST or Personal storage table. There are two types of PST files used by Microsoft Outlook: ANSI and Unicode. ANSI PST is used in Microsoft Outlook 2002 and earlier versions. ANSI is the default file format of these Compress Outlook PST File versions and has a size limit of 2 GB. As a result, it can’t store more than 2 GB of mailbox data. While Unicode PST file is used in Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later versions. It’s the default file format of these Outlook versions, and it can store up to 20 GB to 50 GB of mailbox content.

Whenever an ANSI PST file reaches its maximum size

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