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Comparison between inbreed hillbillies and compound polygamist are accurate

  1. A defining characteristic between compound polygamist and inbreed hillbillies is that both groups have more children than they can provide for.
  2. The typical compound polygamist and inbreed hillbillies both tend to marry very early: often girls are married before puberty.
  3. The typical compound polygamist looks like an inbreed hillbilly because both groups have had problems with inbreeding.
  4. The typical compound polygamist looks like an inbreed hillbilly because both groups wear home made clothes that are out of fashion.
  5. The typical compound polygamist, like inbreed hillbillies are geographically isolated from the larger society. 
  6. Hillbillies live in remote rural, mountainous areas of the Apalachian mountains, while Polygamist Mormons tend to live in Rural, remote, isolated mountainous areas of Utah and Arizona.
  7. The typical compound polygamist, and inbreed hillbillies have less formal education than the greater society as a whole.
  8. These very large similarities lead to hundreds of other smaller similarities as to the way the live. Their societies are often closed and suspicious of outsiders. Their low level of education results in them not having access to technology. They are very independent, as far as making things themselves, etc. They both would have home births, home remedies, and distrust of professional doctors. This is not to say that there are not exceptions. Of course some people that fit the hillbilly description live in upstate New York. And of course there are some well read, educated, independently wealthy women, who have access to jobs, have a liberated mind frame, etc.  

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It is insulting to inbreed hillbillies to compare them to polygamist. At least hillbillies volunteered like nothing else to serve in the military. Hillbillies contribute to modern art. Hillbillies never created compounds. Hillbillies gave us Jeff Foxworthy, what have polygamist done for America?

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