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Computers: Bane or Benefit?

Computers have allowed mankind to do wonderout things. They've opened up new frontiers of information and brought people together from across the globe. However, they're also directly or indirectly responsible for much pain and suffering (blue screen of death anyone?). And as any Nigerian prince can tell you, they've also allowed people to abuse each other like never before.


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Computers give us access to the Internet. The single largest bank of information ever (as far as we know), and a way to make life better for us all.

Computers make our lives safer by preforming complex calculations and running programs one person, or even a large team of people, could never reproduce accurately or quickly, if at all. Computers control our world, and as long as we are masters to them, we will benefit from them.

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Similar discussion might sound like "Electricity: Bane or Benefit".

This can be also said about all the technical progress and we would end up with a discussion "Fire: Bane or Benefit".

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In all the things I believe that everyone of us should develop the sense of responsibility. Its really up for us how to use it properly. Computers has brought dramatic change in our lives over times. It has change the way we think, and the way we see certain things. It is also the source of some major information of the past of the future and even what lies ahead. Because of it it is possible now to work at home and earn big amount of money while giving you the liberty to enjoy life and be more productive.

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I believe computers are benefits to the human being. It allows you to get on the computer on the go or sitting still. It has alot of benefits.

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If you think computers are a Bane, then go live in North Korea; hypocrite.

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Computers are wonderful and I would go bonkers for a day without one. I like receiving my Emails and ordering products from Amazon.

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Well, if you want to talk about people abusing people like never before, it's true. We don't even get scammed face-to-face anymore. The true Con-Man is gone!

The Con-Man is Gone!
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Computers bring people together, but in shallow meaningless ways. They're cruel soulless abominations. Exposure should be limited.

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