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 Congressman John Lewis Claims Trump Is Illegitimate President (15)

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Congressman John Lewis Claims Trump Is Illegitimate President

According to Lewis , it's because Russia hacked emails critical of HRC. 
Not because the emails contained damming factual evidence about her.  
Lewis has shown his hyperpartisn opinion for all to see.  Whatever he has done in the past for civil rights, in no way excuses his current actions.       Time to go. 

What say you?
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1 point

I say it is really stupid for someone like you to hate people who are hyperpartisn.

daver(1771) Disputed
2 points

So, nothing to say except deride me. Where have I seen that tactic before. Hmmmm 😥

Cartman(18192) Disputed
2 points

You have seen that in your responses to me.

outlaw60(12891) Disputed
1 point

I say it is really stupid for someone like you to hate people who are hyperpartisn and John Lewis you like Moonbeam ? Maybe you have spent to many hours watching SouthPark ?

Cartman(18192) Disputed
1 point

Which party have I supported? Can you quote me supporting a party?

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I disagree with Lewis. A vote was held and Trump won the Electoral College, which technically makes him the legitimate President elect. However, I do believe Trump will be found guilty of treason eventually, so even a legitimate President can still be tried and convicted and executed as a traitor.

FromWithin(6600) Disputed
1 point

LOL, AS ALWAYS, start out trying to pretend you are moderate in your politics, supporting our process, and then as always spew your ultra Liberalism.

Trump's electon was not technical! He was elected as President by the people as it has been forever!

An extremist Liberal such as yourself who probaby voted for Hillary (a proven traitor with extreme carelessness with our nations classified documents and perjury in the benghazi hearings), has the nerve to speak about traitors and convictions.

I forget, was Hillary even proseuted for her crimes?

Oh that's right. Our extreme ideolog president and attourney Gerneral allowed Hillary to get away with treason.

Trump has not yet even been sworn in and extremists like you are already having him impeached.

Grenache(6104) Disputed
1 point

1) I voted he was legitimate. Pay attention.

2) The only thing that would make me "ultra liberal" is that I disagree with you, and by your standard anything other than your exact thread of ultraconservative falls under ultra liberal instead.

3) "Hillary (a proven traitor...)" Hillary has never been convicted of anything. In fact Trump himself backed off pursuing charges against her. Trump, meanwhile, has a legal record of countless bankruptcies, breaches of contract, fraud, deals with organized crime, a rape case, and on and on. And on top of all that there is really good stuff coming out about his links to Russia and communications with them during the election interference. It's in a whole class of it's own. You're comparing a rogue email server as well as being in charge when an embassy with protection previously whacked by Republicans was attacked with outright treason and a legal record comparable to a slum lord.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
1 point

Technical: according to a strict application or interpretation of the law or rules

Amarel(3831) Clarified
1 point

They don't execute people for that anymore. They pardon them. .

outlaw60(12891) Disputed
1 point

What kind of nonsense are spewing ? And Bradley Manning was pardoned ? Why wasn't Bradley Manning tried, convicted and executed as a traitor there Progressive ?