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Conservative Philosophy Is Based On Social Elitism


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So, what's the problem?

The academically clever along with the industrious entrepreneurs earn significantly more than than the standard bewildered herd member and therefore go on to form the privileged social elite.

Privilege is earned by the intellectual elite as well as those who work both hard and clever and by doing so provide the leadership and direction for the sheepeople to follow.

This has been the natural order of things since the dawn of time and will be until the end of the world.

Even for the faithful who believe in an after life there is a social hierarchy in heaven as well.

God, the 'Managing Director, the 7 Privileged Archangels, St.,Peter-Heaven's key man, who decides who does and who doesn't enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Either accept your position in life or get off your fat behind and improve your lot.

If you don't wish to make the effort stop bellyaching like jealous children about the ambitious who have strived to achieve more out of life than the docile herd grazers.

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Of course it is. I'm confused how any could deny this.

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HighFalutin(2820) Clarified
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How is it based on social elitism?


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The richer can afford higher quality of everything and still will have more left over to invest in things to let the money 'grow'.

The poor can barely pay to get the education, let alone healthcare and media coverage about their issues and stances on them, to ever stand a chance at influencing votes and policy in the long run. Election after election the elite will automatically be born into the right schools and families to stand a chance and any who do win are blackmailed and bribed to keep the elite going and there are no ways to expose, let alone stop them.

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The_Eye(63) Clarified
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They can deny it because the average conservative is full of reality twisting janus-faced lies and once you learn their game it becomes apparent that they have the IQ of a stale toenail clipping.

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Yep, if you can't pay out the ass for healthcare, you die.............................................................

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Yes. That's why liberals constantly tell us how educated they are.*

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What do you mean by conservative philosophy? If we're talking the actual roots of conservative philosophy then I don't see how. The basic underlying philosophy of conservatism is to not change complex systems too quickly in order to mitigate the risk that such changes may break the system. Conservatism is concerned with preserving the stability and merit of the existing system; it is concerned with preventing devolution into a worse state.

Progressives are inclined to see change as promising, while conservatives are inclined to see change as threatening. Both perspectives hold truth, because change means moving to a different state; one that is either better or worse than the previous one.

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