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"Conservatives are hypocrites and perverts." Discuss.


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Spending more money on Internet porn is not proof that people who say "Porn should be illegal" are spending money on porn.

Now, I'm no Conservative (it should be obvious by now), but my problems with those who attack them constantly is that they seem to always like to jump at that "HYPOCRITES" fallacy.

1. It makes more sense that in areas where porn isn't as common, avid porn watchers are MORE LIKELY to pay for porn instead of just getting free porn. If you don't watch a lot of porn, you're not likely to know how to get free porn. As well, older people suck at the internet, and older people tend to be more Conservative.

2. The only Conservatives who would be hypocrites for paying for porn would be the ones who have specifically said "porn should be illegal" or "porn is a disgusting example of modern America". Most Conservatives are okay with porn... they just tend to believe that it should be harder for children to get to.

3. Everyone watches porn (almost, and more men than women, obviously). This idea that, just because Conservatives want porn to be harder to access for children, they are all hypocrites for continuing to enjoy porn is proof that there are still retarded people out there trying to form anti-conservative rallies. There are logical ways to attack Conservative views. This isn't one of them.

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I agree with you in saying that this article is no argument against conservatives who only advocate that porn should become less accessible to children. In fact I'd say that any argument that is intended to target all conservatives is doomed to be overly generalised and easily rebutted. (Same goes for arguments intended to target all liberals.)

Nevertheless, conservative vs liberal cross-shouting looked fun enough that I had to poke it~

You've got a point in saying that paying the most for porn does not equate to looking at the most porn. And in any case, a general account of porn spending in a Republican state does not, on its own, implicate the conservatives that live in that state. I doubt there is any way of accurately figuring out how much porn conservatives look at, compared to how much liberals look at, short of committing unacceptable violations of privacy. Just asking the questions in a survey would hardly get you an honest answer, if indeed a number of people are hypocrites.

Though the following arguments might be made:

(1) If you're familiar enough with the internet that you're comfortable about giving out your credit card details on a porn site, you probably are familiar enough to have heard that there's plenty of free porn online.

(2) If you didn't realise that there's plenty of free porn to be found online, you probably wouldn't be arguing that they are too accessible to children. (How many children can pay for porn via credit card?)

I don't know what percentage of conservatives are against porn, and what percentage merely want to make it less accessible to children - and I couldn't find any reliable data online. But I was under the impression that most conservatives, and some liberals, were completely against porn, saying it encourages infidelity, degrades women, and provokes men into committing sex crimes - amongst other things. It's possible that my perception is skewed as the anti-porn crusaders are very vocal.

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Perverts...., maybe. But liberals have a monopoly on hypocrisy ;)

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This is an appallingly oblivious piece of discrimination. Peekaboo, if you had decided to be a bit more open-minded you would have realised that not everyone falls into the same category. For example, just because I am male does not mean I prefer the colour blue to all other colours.

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