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Contest: "Identity Politics"

Many people are beginning to address a perceived social phenomenon called "Identity Politics". There is pretty widespread agreement that we should strive to not be lured into participating in it, and that it should discouraged as strongly as possible so long as no one's right to free speech is violated. What I would like is for interested CD users to type up a decription of "The problem of identity politics" then we can see which ones are voted to the top.
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With identity politics you can't have a melting pot. You have people calling people Uncle Toms. You have people being vilified because of their race or group affiliation even if they are good, and you have people being defended because of their race or group affiliation, even if they are vile. And in the end, many races and groups simply are suspicious and skeptical of each other. Identity politics divides the country. It gives us a 0% ability to work together and unite together.

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I think you gave a reasonable position. My only twist on that is then why identify as Republican vs Democrat or conservative vs liberal, because those are also arguably versions of identity politics?

Personally, I say keep an open mind to all, let everyone say whatever they want to say, call a spade a spade, and try to make the best decision each time regardless of whose ideas came forward.