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You ARE the driver of that vehicle, you DO endanger the people and property around you. You should not drive while drunk! If you smash it into someone's face and s/he loses an eye, are you responsible?? Damn straight!

The only thing you should do when drunk is go to bed (or make love to the toilet bowl).

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So you support humping/raping toilet bowls against their will?



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I think all jobs, done while drunk, unless one works for oneself or one is the ultimate boss, should remain illegal as the job contract and official rules of the workplace should be to work free of recreational drugs excluding caffeinated drinks that are being consumed for energy purposes.

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I'm not sure, I mean is using a remote control car while drunk a crime? I don't think so. I guess it depends on what the drone is used for.

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Honestly thought, from the title, you meant military drones. And yeah, being drunk on duty should be illegal. But civilian drones? Leave it to NJ to come up with some stupid shit like that.

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