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Cooling charges on Cold-Drinks

Do we have to pay changes of cooling on Cold-Drinks or not. Is it Legal? Write Your Opinions. 

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if we're going with the idea of a free market system the government cannot reasonably regulate this, and it is the job of the business to decide what to produce. if ice, or the bottles that were in ice costs extra, that's their decision to make, but if it becomes non profitable to sell one or the other the policy will change.

-(Example, I'm assuming bottles at a quick mart)

If I'm traveling with a cooler, I would pay for the cheapest un-cool drink and use my cooler to make it frosty. if I wasn't I'd pay a few cents extra if I was going to drink it right away and wanted it cold. but in truth, it seems like un-necessary effort, as the drinks already come in different sizes and 2 liters aren't usually refrigerated, since the un-cool kind of assume you have somthing to cool it with.

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This is a first for me! I have never heard of the consumer having to pay for cooling charges for cold drinks. I would not approve of extra charges to make drinks cold.

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