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Corporal, capital, imprisonment and rehab... Which to punish with and why?

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Antrim(1304) Banned
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Break the rules of the society in which you live and you must know that there will be consequences in the form of punishment commensurate with the severity of the crime.

The few criminals in such countries as Saudi Arabia can be easily identified by show of 'HAND'.

Drug barons along with drug and booze related crimes are almost unheard of in such states.

Severe punishment, (when deemed by experts to be potentially effective) along with rehabilitation is the only logical approach.

dingdong(39) Disputed
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If there is "logical approach" here then why do the punishment schemes of so many nations differ in so many ways?

excon(8016) Disputed Banned
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why do the punishment schemes of so many nations differ in so many ways

Hello again, ding:

The bible says if you don't use the rod, you spoil the child.. So, a lot of people think physical VIOLENCE will do the trick..

But, the "logical approach" would say, that if you want to teach someone NOT to hit, you DON'T hit them to do it..


Antrim(1304) Clarified Banned
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@dingdong, Who is to judge which nation has the most effective approach?

I would attest it's the nations with the lowest crime rates.

The threat of convicted criminals losing a hand in Saudi seems to be a glowing example of the deterrent value of such punishment methods.

Caught pick-pocketing! Try that with no hands.

Caught and convicted of rape! Try that with your chopper amputated along with a compulsory daily injection of sex drive suppressant drugs.

Miss an injection and you spend the rest of your life breaking rocks in a penitentiary whilst on subsistence food rations.

Caught organizing the supply, or peddling of drugs and you will be forcibly mutated into a totally drug dependent addict, and then have your 'daily fix' completely withdrawn.

You would have to spend your 'cold Turkey' in dark, cold uncomfortable isolation which you would share with the rats and cockroaches.

Images of the ravings of the convicted filth could be shown throughout the media including the net.

If you survived such a fitting punishment you would be electronically tagged for the rest of your life your face would be branded with the words;- Danger/ Drug Criminal.

Anyone caught re-offending or being convicted of any crime whatsoever would automatically face the death penalty.

excon(8016) Banned
1 point

Hello d:

Well, the punishment must fit the deed.. Don't you think?


dingdong(39) Disputed
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It should also deter others from committing it and rehabilitate those trapped into an addiction of committing it.

Retribution is too blinkered an outlook for me.

excon(8016) Disputed Banned
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Hello again, ding:

I said NOTHING about retribution.. I'm simply suggesting tit for tat..


Well corporal punishment is to aggressive and only makes people want to do worst. Did you know the CIA does not physically torture people? They mentally torture people. Mental torture has proven to be far worse than physical torture. Mental torture involves breaking someone down to the point they feel meaningless and useless. Which is good when it comes to punishing but is not so good when you want to release such people back into society. Because chances are they will kill themselves.

Here is my source about the whole CIA not physically torturing people. It is a manual on how to interrogate and torture someone their is no real date on when they have stopped using it so chances are they still use this manual.

It is a file not a website. PDF. Scan it do whatever you want but that is my source for that info.

Next is imprisonment this so far has proven to be effective. Long and lengthy prison stays do reshape some of the released whilst others are not phased by it but are praised for what they did inside the prison by fellow in mates. Prisoners should have no rights other than 3 meals a day and a hole in the floor to shit and piss in. They should not be able to communicate with other prisoners but be confined in a 6 by 4 room. If not smaller. With nothing but natural lighting from a barred window 10 feet of the ground, a bed,and a hole in the floor to small for one to fit in but just big enough for a pecker to aim at and a kneeling shit to go through.

But next rehab. Rehab can be a good thing when those in it actually follow procedure and go through with the entire program. But rehab needs to be tougher to get through. And should be contract type deal. They sign or a court signs for them, they can not leave until they have completed their full rehab and are productive people to society again.

Oceaneer(13) Disputed
1 point

Well corporal punishment is to aggressive

Too aggressive. There's no excuse for bad grammar.

NathanAllen(2227) Clarified
1 point

So you are just another troll that has nothing better to do than judge everyone on their speech? Get the fuck off this site!