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Spank their asses! Leave them kids alone.
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Corporal punishment: Spare the rod, spoil the child?

Are we raising a generation of self-entitled, spoiled brats? Do you ever see children disrespecting and cursing their parents and elders? Do you ever think to yourself, "That kid could use a good asswhipping?". Doesn't it seem to be the only truly effective approach to discipline? If a parent allows themselves to be abused by a child, they are showing that child that they have no self-respect and therefore deserve no respect. They must be given a swift and sharp attitude adjustment when they test the waters of respect. Put the little punks in their place!

Spank their asses!

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Leave them kids alone.

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I am a student in school, and I have seen plenty of kids that need a good ass kicking.

| Side: Spank their asses!

Undisciplined children are in danger of becoming tyrants. It is acting within their self-interest and within the interest of society to take them down a notch. If reason fails, get medieval on their ass.

| Side: Spank their asses!

Please start spanking these little brats so they won't grow into the kind of snotty liberal bastards who feel the world owes them everything. Discipline builds character.

| Side: Spank their asses!
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Discipline builds character, most definitely, but there are other alternatives that are much better than inflicting pain onto young students. Being violent causes violence, especially young children. This is incredibly obvious statement has been proven a countless number of times.

| Side: Leave them kids alone.
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I was really referring to spanking by parents. If parents disciplined their children, they would be more disciplined and respectful in the school environment. I'm not in favor of corporal punishment in schools.

| Side: Spank their asses!
Talent(21) Disputed
1 point

A lot of emotion in your argument there?! Secondly, do u know the difference between discipline and beating? Lastly, if no one owes u anything( which is true to a point), then i hope u are not one of those people who complain about rich or famous people who do nothing for society or earn more than most.

Inconsistencies bother me.

| Side: Leave them kids alone.
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Im a freshman in high school and me and my brothers grew up with our dad spanking our asses when we deserved it ,and sometimes i hated it , but i have seen kids (my cousins) behave like brats!

| Side: Spank their asses!
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Im a freshman in high school and me and my brothers grew up with our dad spanking our asses when we deserved it ,and sometimes i hated it , but i have seen kids behave like brats in public and need a good ass kicking

| Side: Spank their asses!
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in my opinion if you allow children to be hit by their parents in may cause a large increase into the amount of kids in care as the children will go crying to the NSPCC and as I'm only 15 i do not believe that you will fully understand my argument so ill tell you what happened to me....

my mum was/is an alcoholic and whenever she was drunk used to beat me and mentally torture me so i ran away then the police came to get me i was 14 at the time and truthfully i was shitting myself because they wanted me to go back to my mum and i9 really didn't want to in case she tried killing me so i had to go to this place called the ABC suite and be recorded telling the police everything that happened to me and now I'm 15 and all she got was a warning so you see giving parents the right to hit their children is not a good thing I'm now 15 and living with my auntie who is amazing and has 3 children of her own who are all well behaved and respectful and she has never had to hit any of them so like said previously there's no need to hit children to teach them discipline

| Side: Leave them kids alone.

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