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gunman(93) pic

Correct toilet paper roll direction?

And why should it be that direction?

Which direction is the best direction to orient toilet paper - the next sheet to be dispensed on the roll facing the wall, or the roll facing outwards?

sheet facing wall

Side Score: 6

sheet facing out

Side Score: 20

If you have pets and/or small children, the sheet should face the wall thus making it harder for them to get it and make a mess. Unless you think that kind of stuff is cute and don't mind picking up wasted TP.

Supporting Evidence: picture (
| Side: facing in
Tamisan(890) Disputed
2 points

No, if you have pets or small children you should either close the bathroom door or put the roll up high--like I do.

| Side: facing out
2 points

OMG!!!! My way is this ..UNDER.....Looks better under..Don't care about the little triangle thingy still looks better under..Why don't you people get it .......So for all cool people under not over....Just like sex....Have a great day........HAhahaha

| Side: facing in
1 point

Ok went out last night.....Met alot of UNDER people,and one over thought about it and agreed it should go under....So nananana

| Side: sheet facing wall
0 points

Shannon it goes UNDER!!!!! Under people will win.....Blah Blah Blah...You just need to learn to live with the fact Iam right...UNDER.......Kat

| Side: facing in
4 points

The roll should face out, so you can clearly see the next piece and don't have to reach all the way to the back of the roll just to get a new piece.

| Side: facing out
2 points

Obviously. It also prevents the paper from bunching at the top if the clearance between the spool and the wall is small.

| Side: sheet facing out
1 point

No argument the roll should be facing front..why would you reach behind it to grab it you will pull off little pieces at a time

| Side: sheet facing out
0 points

Awesome analysis. Click on the link for examples of the helpful and fruitful over-hung method and the annoying and detrimental under-hung method.

Supporting Evidence: Bullet-Proof Analysis (
| Side: facing out
1 point

Just because when i put my book down so that i don't lose my page, i want to have the toilet paper be able to easily be pulled toward me since it is technically behind me anyways, it just makes it so much easier when you don't have to spin the roll a couple of times just so you can grab it and wipe! hahaha. but in all seriousness. . . WHO NEEDS TOILET PAPER? LEAVES ALL THE WAY BRADA! WHOOO! ANARCHY!

| Side: sheet facing out
1 point

The Great Debate on CD?

well, of course it faces the outside, cause when you pull it it's easier to rip and it doesn't go all the way to the floor, causing you to have to roll it back up. you don't want to wipe your dirt with paper that has actual dirt on it.

| Side: sheet facing out
1 point

IT faces out - See KAT you and "your people" are LOSING LOL (under people)

| Side: sheet facing out
0 points

Definitely. Whenever I run out of golden retriever puppies, I use properly spooled and mounted rump wipes.

| Side: sheet facing out

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