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Could Europa have extraterrestrial life?


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Europa could have life there. Probably not anything intelligent as in not anything civilized. But possibly even something bigger than microorganisms. Maybe the Europan version on fish. I suppose it's somewhat possible, though not a great chance of it that there could be intelligent life, some kind of mermaid. That would be exciting.

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Atrag(5448) Clarified
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Credit should go to MasturDbtor on Taking other people's words and using them as your own is very bad. Please state your sources in future.

Supporting Evidence: MasturDbtor (
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It could. The better question is whether this is probable.

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I think a better question is... Could Europe have intelligent life? ;)

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Especially considering that all white Americans are European by ancestry.

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AngryGenX(463) Disputed
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The smart ones evacuated.................:........:.... :,.,.........

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No, I think they are going to get there, find all the right conditions, and come up with nothing. New life doesn't just pop up everywhere there is warm water. In addition, there is no atmosphereic evidence for life, (like o2 in our atmosphere from plant life).

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