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Could a lot of grief had been avoided if the U.S. had created Israel in its borders?

If, before the start of WW II, The U.S. had taken every German Jew and given them American soil where they could have built a state, then the halocaust as we know may have been averted and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict would be no more.  Maybe some south western state that borders Mexico ;)


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Whatever issues the new Israel would have, it would not compare to the last 100 year history. ;)

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I say we should have given them New Jersey. oh wait a second........

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What exit ;)

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that's a very interesting question. The only problem i see with that is that terrorism was created to make money and steal resources all over the world. Without Israel as an imaginary Holy land Christianity would not be the wood added to the fire. money. The future is planned 30 years at a time. I have a question for ya...."Grief for who"? What or who's grief could have been avoided and under what circumstances would Zionists have even agreed to that proposition? Jews and Germans own our money,our commerce our courts and both the house and our senate. They own our satellites, our communication systems and our military might. The only Grief i see is the collateral casualties needed to advance and control education and natural resources. May the good Lord bless Israel and the current order of things. If you are a free thinker read Revelations the 17th chapter the king James version. A pattern of events has been shaping for some time now.

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Com'on know damn well that Israel has had that capability since the early 1990's. Do you really think that "anything" that we have is hidden from Israel? Jews own how information is distributed worldwide. They keep requesting different technologies from us openly to leave the "IMPRESSION" that they have limited capabilities.

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Just give them Kansas, no one's using it anyway, I mean, other than a few guys driving their pickups into tornadoes and Billy Bob's gunmart.

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Jews have always found trouble, no matter where they go ;)

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I think ur talking about the holocoust being avoided right if so then no i think if they had moved it would hav been some other minority group and they would hav picked on the and blamed thm for there problems because hitler just wanted a scape goat

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We should have just had them live in the USA, basically the same thing, they just remain a part of our country.

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U.S didn't create Isreal, the British Empire did.

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Qymosabi(176) Disputed
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The u.s. played a very criticle role in the creation of Israel. You cannot exclude or diminish the impact and importance of U.S. support of Jewish people and the creation of Israel.

Supporting Evidence: History of/Israel/palestin/Truman (
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Axmeister(4303) Disputed
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YOu cannot just ignore the fact that Isreal was created as a mandate for the British Empire, if the U.S hadn't been so big on self-independancy for countries maybe Isreal might still be protected.

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I'm a little bit confused by that as well...I think maybe what he means is that if the U.S. had set aside some land for a Jewish state, some of the current violence could have been avoided. Although arguably that may just create anti-semitism in whoever is already living there.

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That is a correct interpretation. Somebody already suggested we should have given them Kansas. I would have selected Chicago ;)

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The reason Jews choose to remain in Israel is because of its religious background and significance to Judaism. I'm not sure they would really want to do this.

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