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Creationism Or Evolution

Evolution or Creationism? What do yall think?


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First of all there have been writings in hebrew . they were written in stones why would they spent all their life writing about god.( because GOD IS REAL). unlike evolution is a theory, now tell you guys who beleive in evolution, were you there when these things happened?? wait! i know your answer, NO! but i will tell you this if god didnt exist where are we going when we die. so mean to tell me there is no right or wrong?wow so you mean to tell me we came out of soup and my dog came from a rock? well thats what revolution said! the reason why theres lots of animals is because it started from two dogs going up. isnt weird how the bible says all these animals before we found it i dont know anout you but im a christian and im stickin with creationism! its the only one to make sense!!!!!!! yea big bang WOW, really real huh? NOT!!

| Side: creationism
Kinda(1640) Disputed
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There's no point arguing against evolution when you don't understand it in the first place. Learn the theory, the science, the facts and THEN debate it. You don't seem to have even the remotest idea of evolution

| Side: Evolution
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Now creationism to me makes much more sense... Evolution is a theory that has not been proven and i think probably never will be...I have never seen an ape evolve into a human and although i have never seen god that makes more sense then evolution.

| Side: creationism
Nichole(688) Disputed
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Ok, so, you're saying, since you've never "seen" an ape (which is the wrong animal, again) evolve into a human, and never seen God create a human, God wins this debate? So, just because we haven't proven we're from chimpanzees, gives grounds to say God made us? There's a huger spectrum out there. And again, I'll say, the theory of evolution isn't that humans are from chimpanzees; it's just an idea because our DNA's are closely related. Because, you're right, there is no proof of THAT. But there's proof of evolution itself. And it has nothing to do with creationism. This is the ignorance in today's society and it is merely all about "science vs. religion" which is again, two totally different things that shouldn't be combined as much as they have been.

| Side: Evolution
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She said she's never seen an ape evolve into a human. As an argument. She's either excellent at deadpan humor, or a troll. My money's on troll.

| Side: Evolution
Cerin(203) Disputed
4 points

I find it immensely amusing when Christians require proof before they'll believe in something. It's even funnier when the scientific, verified, reproducible proof exists, and they still won't believe it because "it hurts their head" to think about it.

| Side: Evolution

I agree totally with what you said Cerin...I, too, find it a bit amusing and tiresome.

| Side: creationism
MKIced(2313) Disputed
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The theory behind evolution is not that an organism evolves during its lifetime, but that the species evolves over thousands, if not millions, of years or generations. Evolution takes time, survival of the fittest, and genetic variation, among other things.

| Side: Evolution
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Hey razza for i wanna say thanks for standing up for what u believe in, Most people want hard evidence that will prove Gods existence, when really we ourselves are evidence that God exists. Anyways i believe in change over time like how things are improved over time, like for say how cars have been improved to work on other things other than fuel. But i disagree with the whole monkey theory, God clearly said in the book of genesis that we were created in his image, We do not have a monkey god, its so sad to see how many people have fallen for this. God is God and he makes everything the way they are supposed to be. What good is faith with the presence of evidence, why do we rely on hard evidence, God says believe and you shall see my kingdom, of course people would come to jesus with evidence in their hands, but thats our main test here on earth, God is looking for those who will believe in him without seeing him, clinging to the promise of going to heaven one day and to conclude i just have to say that we are creation and nothing can change that.

| Side: creationism
4 points

I have never seen an ape evolve into a human and although I have never seen god, that makes more sense than evolution.

What kind of an argument is that?!

The evidence for evolution has primarily come from four sources:

1. the fossil record of change in earlier species

2. the chemical and anatomical similarities of related life forms

3. the geographic distribution of related species

4. the recorded genetic changes in living organisms over many generations.

Had you taken the time to do a little RESEARCH you would have stumbled upon evidence that suggests evolution is more likely than a being that decided to create our Universe.

By the Way, you have been misinformed: it's not apes, it's chimpanzees.

| Side: Evolution
2 points

Correction, it's an ancestor of both chimpanzees and humans.

| Side: Evolution
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Oh boy, here we go again. Weren't the first 1000 Creationism/Evolution debates enough?

Now creationism to me makes much more sense... Evolution is a theory that has not been proven and i think probably never will be...I have never seen an ape evolve into a human and although i have never seen god that makes more sense then evolution.

Creationism is also a theory and will definitely never be proven because it's untestable, i.e. it relies proving the existence of God first. Scientists have seen organisms evolve into different organisms both directly (e.g. bacteria) and indirectly (e.g. fossils).

| Side: Evolution
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I could argue the many reasons i dont believe in creationism, but i would never be able to end my list. Also, i could give many reasons for UNDERSTANDING the theory of evolution, and i dont think that i would want to type that much, but what i will say is that evidence is evidence and sorry for the creationist side but you guys have none at all. You know what evidence we have, open a biology textbook, research a little about the fossil records, and also stop ignoring the stuff you dont believe in the "good book"(if you can call it that without being totally ass backwords). You cant just go and edit the book of "god" so that you feel better about what your believeing. That means that you cannot be a person who supports democracy because your religion calls for direct obediance to government as if to god. What is that shit. Any half brain would realize right there that what there reading makes no sense and close the book and go get one from barnes and nobles that makes sense, and has evidence to support it to boot. Drop the fairy tales already and grow up. There are more problems caused by religion than atheism, you just have to take off the blinds, take out the earplugs and open your mind. Thank you.

| Side: Evolution
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I just don't understand how people can be so ignorant of the basic laws of science that they would deny the primacy of evolution and its mechanics. It strikes me that many people have no idea what evolutionary theory is really about, especially when they say things like, how come apes aren't turning into humans all the time? The fundamentals are just not understood, the idea aggravates me that apes somehow aren't already perfectly evolved for their environment and should swant to be turning into something else. It doesn't work that way, folks. Not only is evolution a slow process which takes millions of years in many cases to produce variation within a group of individuals, i.e., it doesn't spontaneously occur, it also doesn't need to occur in those individuals already well adapted and suited for their environments. My point is this - don't attempt to disparage the views of evolutionists and their supporters if you don't even understand the fundamentals of evolutionary theory.

| Side: Evolution

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