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Cute or Ugly

A female high school senior was voted the ugliest in the school. What do you think? Is she cute or ugly. I find it hard to believe that she is the ugliest person in her class.


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An attractive girl whose natural beauty could be enhanced by losing just a little weight. I suppose it's not politically correct to judge a female's attractiveness, but that was the theme of the thread and men have been admiring the feminine form since the dawn of time. This girl is a good looker in every respect, and apparently intelligent as well.

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She's not ugly at all, actually, she's quite cute. I would like to see the person who created this abomination and see what they look like. Regardless of outer appearance, the person who initiated this is quite ugly on the inside.

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Why would anyone hold an "ugliest in the school" vote? That's fucking vile. Fuck bullying.

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The story mad me vomit a second time.

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I think that the poll was accurate but shouldn't have been done.

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