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Evil People Who Cares?
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Cyberbullies: Evil People or Who Cares?

Now, I am not talking abouts minors here but adults that whine and cry about being cyberbullied... what's up with that anyway?  It's the internet... ingnore it or block it or fight back but adults crying over such BS really makes them look stupid and weak. 

That's just my opinion and if you disagree I'll jump through this monitor and punch you in your mouse! LOL

What say you?

Evil People

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Who Cares?

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Some people can be really sensitive, and can take things seriously- maybe they have a mental disorder, but there's no excuse for any kind of bullying.

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it does not matter too me , these people that complain are the kind of people that need to shut up. Get off their a$$es and do something in stead of complaining about everything.. boo freaking Hoo !

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Some adults enjoy crying like children... maybe it takes them back to their youth... or maybe they're just wussies?

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Probably People that think we all owe them .... lazy people

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Maybe they never grew up and have to hide behind a fruity cartoon avatar! They are the ones that Fairy-tales are written about! Tee hee!

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Who cares...I was deactivated for being one, and I didn't care! LMAO!

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