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 Cynical 500 Day AMA (Ask me anything) (15)

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Cynical 500 Day AMA (Ask me anything)

I wanna to do something to celebrate half of a thousand years on this site (especially since I didn't get a one year celebration...) And since srom's AMA a few months ago was pretty successfully, I figured I would do one.                                                                  

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What size heels do you wear?

1 point

You mean shoe size? If so, I wear 11's.

Oh you don't wear heels? tsk tsk tsk.

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Of the things that you do regularly, what is most challenging?

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Going to school each and every day and seeing tons of kids who know next to nothing about anything meaningful, especially since they can virtually learn anything using the internet. They just don't, instead facebook or Twitter is pretty much all they use the internet for. Seriously last year, in the school election (one that was essentially emulating the actual one that was going on), only 20 students voted for Gary Johnson... Out of 3 thousand. No one voted for Jill Stein. I even heard one kid say that only voted for Johnson because they didn't care.

Are you really celebrating "half of a thousand years on this site?" That's a very long time.

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Uh... Yeah? Duh... No I haven't been here for 500 years, it was a joke.

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What should I have for dinner?

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God damn you, Hellno... Bacon pancakes. That's my answer. Coincidentally, I ate some tonight, and they were delicious.

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Too late... I'm making spaghetti.

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Bacon pancakes? Seriously?