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 Damage our children, damage the future world. Brainwash our children... (3)

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Damage our children, damage the future world. Brainwash our children...

Brainwash the future world.

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In a way I agree with you, but in a very different way if that makes sense. I don't want to "brainwash" "indoctrinate" or "propagandize" but rather introduce a new way of thinking to humanity, a way which renders the current culture obsolete. The main thing we are lacking is critical thinking and scientific/rational thought as the norm among humans rather than something scientists use at work and then forget in their daily lives. Currently it is the norm in all human cultures for the majority of people to think in a fabricated cloud of opinions, beliefs and feelings, most of which are socially engineered or conditioned into them by society. This results in a culture where reason is reserved for the few and retardation is expected and even encouraged among the many, which is the main thing that makes true socialism currently impossible.

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Did you watch the video through to the ending?

Pedestrian(154) Disputed
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We now know how you feel but fail to back up anything with specifics.

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I did not get past the title of damaging our children.

Was the video about the Democrat Party's support of killing viable children for any reason up to birth?