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Liberal men enjoy watching trans men dominate girls physically in sports



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This is just one more example of the extreme dysfunction of Liberals.

They lack the most basic of common sense wisdom that most of us possess.

They have given themselves over to a godless anything goes belief system whereby people can no longer state the obvious when it comes to unnatural sexual orientations.

They are obsessed with political correctness and are incapable of creating boundaries when it comes to this dangerous slippery slope their Political Correct Pandora's box has created.

I believe it is a dysfunctional insecurity whereby they can no longer handle dissenting or opposing opinions towards lifestyles they choose, or disorders they may possess.

I just watched a Track event where the obviously male runner crushed every other female runner. It's truly sick and destroying women's sports.

This is the insanity of Political correctness and the very reason Trump was elected.

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Their sex is still ultimately male, it is their gender that is female and the sport is meant to be split based on sex, not gender.

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FactRegime(45) Disputed
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Their sex is still ultimately male, it is their gender that is female and the sport is meant to be split based on sex, not gender.

By your definition of what gender means, gender doesn't exist. Because it's literally just a social construct and a superstitious belief. Good thing in real life gender is real, because it's just another word for sex. People with gender dysphoria are psychologically a different gender than that which they are biologically, it's literally a figment of their mind which makes them feel that they are something they're not due to hormonal imbalance and the way their brains have developed. If you are a feminine male or a masculine female and you express that with how you think, dress and act, that's perfectly fine, "you do you" as they say. But the second you deny your biological sex and fail to realize that you are what you are at the end of the day, you are mentally ill and objectively incorrect.

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So you think men dominating women in sports one on one is okay. Nothing f*cked up about that...

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Mingiwuwu(1779) Clarified
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Their mind is physical and objective as are the ideas in it if you're a physicalist.

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