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Democrat or Republican?

Which political party would be best to be President? (Not the candidates for 2016, since they are all bad, but just what side in general).


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I will opine Democrat because the Democratic Party is inclusive of all and is not the Party that caters to the wealthy.

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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They are not inclusive of gun owners and the fucking love the rich.

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I enjoy a political ideology that allows me to disagree with both parties. Right now, I disagree with republicans more. My main concern is not having a populist in the White House. If it was Bernie vs an establishment republican like Jeb, I would pick Jeb. If it was Trump vs anybody, I would choose the anybody. I would like to see political deadlock until the libertarians have time to take over the republican party and an amendment is passed getting money out of politics. Since the republicans have the Senate and House, we need to have a democrat in the White House to prevent bad legislation being passed.

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GenericName(3387) Clarified
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Wait, so is your concern that you want a populist in the White House? Or that you don't want a populist in the White House? Because it seems to me that if you want deadlock, you should want a populist in the White House, as they would conflict with the establishment. Therefore, I'd think you would want Bernie Sanders or Trump, both of whom would be at odds with the political establishment and have difficulty working with Congress.

Additionally, libertarians don't seem to be making any progress taking over the Republican party, sadly. I would love for that to happen, but the Republicans have been advocating for more government, not less.

Lastly, if you really want to get money out of politics, why wouldn't you support Sanders? That is one of his top issues he is campaigning on, and one of the top issues he fought for while in Congress.

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I prefer republicans because it is not like the democrats did something but i just like republicans

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