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 Democratic Congressman says he's introducing a Bill to Punish Campus "Hate Speech" (8)

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Democratic Congressman says he's introducing a Bill to Punish Campus "Hate Speech"

Democratic Congressman Anthony Brown (D-MD) told a group of progressive college students this week that he intends to help them eliminate any disagreement on campus by offering a bill in Congress to curtail "hate speech" at America's universities. The bill would require colleges and universities to report incidents of "hate speech" to a national clearinghouse. 
Brown said he thinks there's a direct link between President Trump's election and the increase of racism and anger he said exists within some segments of the white community across the country. Brown said Trump used this hate to carry him into the Oval Office.
Now Anthony Brown is a Bongo and a Progressive that is attacking the 1st Amendment. Should it be left up to Bongos to say what is "hate speech" and what is not "hate speech" ? 
Progressives are the Communist of the current day and the Bongo just proved it !
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Yes please another law. Maybe a few dozen more and the world will finally be perfect in the Progressives view but it will short lived !

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Thank God SCOTUS has ruled numerous times that hate speech is free speech. The moonbats just can't accept it.

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Free speech needs to be allowed, even if the message isn't mainstream popular, and especially on a college campus.

The only times it's fair to defend not allowing it would be

a) if it didn't go through a formal registration and planning process (meaning the school wasn't consulted in advance and issues of public safety from bathroom and egress access weren't planned out), or

b) if the venue is privately owned (a private college) because technically then it's private property, and the participating students at enrollment probably signed over some sort of consent or rights before attending, or

c) No internal supporters were at the college itself and this is 100% outsiders trying to force their way in.

That's about it.

And a, b, and c, are not enough basis to stop most of these cases where an alleged hate group wants to speak at a college. Usually the group wanting to speak can satisfy those requirements.

Let the hateful idiots speak.

You can refuse to show up.

Or you can show up and shout the opposite message.

You cannot censor them. And what's more, you should be alarmed at anyone who wants to be the champion of censorship.

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Hello poochy boy:

Hate speech??? In other words, should you go to jail for calling black people bongos?? Nahhh... Being a racist mother fucker isn't against the law.. Calling you a racist mother fucker isn't either..

Now, fetch...


outlaw60(12951) Clarified
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You got to pay attention BOY can you do that ? Why is it you Communist want to control Freedom of Speech can address the issue at hand ?

Antrim(1306) Clarified
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You've got the Black Jewish American Bongo 'RACIST'' in a tizzy and he's now lashing out randomly at the demonic shadows he created in his own diseased mind.

He's is certainly ' a one of a kind';-

A criminal Negro Jewish RACIST who served in a secret navy in an unknown theatre of war.

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dupe.. But, I'm required by the software to say something.. Ok. Poochy boy, you're a racist piece of shit.


outlaw60(12951) Clarified
2 points

All you got SUPER STUPID is nothing but what you don't understand is how easily you are manipulated by words ! Now SUPER STUPID you don't mind tossing words about but when those words come back to you your actions are of a 74 year old CHILD !

-1 points

Hello poochy boy:

Wow.. Hate speech, huh?? Did you know that the orange president decided to deport 800,000 Americans???? That's bigger than your silly hate speech.

Now get this stick...


excon(8529) Disputed
1 point

Hello bront:

After the orange dufus figured out what he did, he told congress that if they DIDN'T act, he'll make an illegal executive order just like Obama did..

Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha..


outlaw60(12951) Clarified
1 point

SUPER STUPID what do 800,000 have to do with a Bongo Progressive wanting to limit Freedom of Speech ? Is not your false claim you are all about the CONSTITUTION ?