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 Democrats tell us that our tax dollars given to Planned Parenthood does not fund abortions (1)

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Democrats tell us that our tax dollars given to Planned Parenthood does not fund abortions

So let me explain to you why our tax dollars, forced from our paychecks, does indeed support Planned Parenthood's abortion clinics...

Here's a simple analogy even a child would understand.

Let's say it cost the German Government 10 million dollars per year to fund their prison camps during Hitler's reign. So lets say there were millions of Germans who did not want to fund gas chambers used to kill Jewish prisoners of war. They only wanted to fund the functions of the prison camp that housed prisoners.

The German Government could have used the same ludicrous arguments of Democrats, and stated that German tax dollars would not be used for the costs of operating the Gas Chambers (or Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in today's case).

So lets use our brain, and grasp the obvious. If there is not enough volunteer funding for an organization's entire cost of operations, what must they do to continue the operation of their Gas Chambers or Planned Parenthood's abortion clinics?

They must get funding from tax payer dollars! The German Government that wants to continue paying for the Gas Chambers, and the Democrat Party that wants to keep paying for Planned Parenthood's abortion clinics, simply earmark the tax dollars to fund the cost of the non killing operations which will then free up the volunteer funds to continue the death clinics.

Do you see why our tax dollars are allowing Planned Parenthood to continue their abortion trade?
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For anyone to deny that our tax dollars are helping Planned Parenthood fund their abortion clinics, is beyond deception. It is outright corruption to suggest such lunacy.