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Dems got their witch hunt against Trump. The prosecutor should also go after Hillary.

Since the day Trump was elected, Democrats have been screaming for the special prosecutor they never called for against Hillary's corruption, whether it be with donations to the Clinton Foundation giving Russians access to buying our Uranium, or her careless handling of Classified Government Documents on her basement server, or Obama's sending Government email through her private server, or her purjury during the Benghazi hearings, or Obama's surveilance of Trump's campaign, or Obama telling Putin it will be easier giving him what he wants after the election, etc.

It amazes me the sickening hypocrisy and double standards in the Democrat party. It is beyond corruption and the Democrat voters don't care!

I hope that this Prosecutor will also go after Hillary's and Obama's scandals because there is obviously worng doing with those corrupt extremists. With Trump it is just pure hateful accusations with no evidence.

Can you even imagine if our attourney General Jeff Sessions had a private meeting on the back of a plane with Trump's spouse just before Trump had to talk with the FBI? And then having the FBI telling our Government not to prosecute? Can you imagine what Democrats and the Stephen Colbert's of the world would have done?

Any person who will not take a stand against all these Democrat double standards is absolutely not worth debating.

NO, BOTH SIDES ARE NOT JUST AS BAD! The Republicans who are in charge of all branches ALLOWED A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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