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Disarming Americans leads to civil war anyone?

As many if not all of you know, in recent years gun control has been the main topic on the liberals agenda. But does taking guns away from law abiding Americans increase the chances of a civil war? 


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Oh yeah, without a doubt. It would never work. If they tried disarmament, there would be civil war. No mistake, it would be unavoidable.

Credentials: I live in Texas

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Missouri here. The red necks and the country farm goers won't go for it either.

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"Gun-nut" types are big on the first amendment. They claim that they will violently oppose gun confiscations and I for one believe them.

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"Gun-nut" types are big on the first amendment. They claim that they will violently oppose gun confiscations and I for one believe them.

Yeah, that makes sense. Let bullies and potential criminals dictate the law to the rest of us. Strange how you guys (i.e. the right) always seem to have the opposing view when the poor take to the streets and begin looting businesses. Then you scream bloody murder for them to be locked up.

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WinstonC(1115) Disputed
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I see, so by answering the debate question, rather than debating gun laws, I have offended you. Also, I don't see how a desire to maintain one's rights can be considered bullying, especially considering that the government is more powerful than the citizenry.

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Attempting to disarm the country might well lead to a civil war. Fortunately, that's not what gun control advocacy is about. I just watched a video featuring Cpt. Mark Kelly, one of the strongest gun control advocates and gun owner, as he discussed his position on the current legislation.

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It doesn't lead to civil war, especially if you do a good job of it.

Think about it...

Guns are for hunting meat, why do humans need to kill other humans in such an instant manner? Why not try and negotiate peace rather than bang-bang shoot first ask later mentality?

Let's face the facts, the gun is a bad thing. Always has been, always will be. If you kill a person with a gun, this is just because they have gun in the first place. Do inside-jobs undercover in the weapons smuggling industry like with the drugs and it's so easy to make them your b*es in no time. You tear the pyramid of power in the criminal underworld apart by making one criminal snitch on another over and over again. For the ones who just won't turn, you find a way to blackmail someone close to them instead and they will turn to save that person.

Criminals are little prey to big investigations, it's just that no one can be bothered to do it in US politics as it would require a lot of tax money to pull off and Americans cry when they need to pay tax.

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