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Do Comedians Push it too Far or are People Overly Sensitive?

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I didn't look at the "exhibits" because I'm too lazy, but honestly comedy has always been like this. Comedians think that making fun of people is funny. Somehow their retarded brains aren't able to think of a joke that's not disrespectful and controversial. People aren't overly sensitive, it's the comedians that are being bullies.

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seanB(545) Disputed
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The first prerequisite to being a comedian is an extensive and incisive body of knowledge regarding how utterly fucked up the world is. That's what comedians play on, they turn issues on their heads to satire how ridiculous they are. If we censored comedians, there'd be nobody left to tell it like it is.

People who find comedians' skits offensive are willingly oblivious to the world as it really is.

Take a fucking joke.

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These are the kids who were too weak to physically bully so they pointed and laughed instead.

These are the giggly bullies who had no marketable skills so figured being a bully for life is the best use of their professional life.

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The common feature of most comedians is that they are aggressive and will do or say most anything to spark a laugh from their audience.

Try heckling a comedian and note their over aggressive response.

Using the physical or mental afflicted and vulnerable to raise a cheap laugh has become commonplace.

Of course most audiences laugh at such feeble attempts at humour, partially through mindless acceptance of the shock value upon which the joke was based, and partially through embarrassment.

Anyone who feels insulted should walk out of the performance whilst volubly expressing their disgust at the low life wannabe comedian's reliance on shock value to get a laugh.

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You should know the comedian you are going to see. If you are simply gambling then expect to be either happily surprised or upset, they each have their own schtick so you may lose the gamble but getting angry over it is your own fault.

Some comedians I know are very insulting or vulgar, my opinion is....if you only rely on vulgarity to get laughs then you aren't that funny. So I either watch and know what I'm getting into or do something else completely. To each their own.

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Well said. I feel the same. I see some that, IMO, are over the top to an extent that they're not even funny. I turn them off .. my choice. I see some that can be "vulgar" (expected), and still funny, others don't seem to know HOW to take vulgarity to a funny stage without it being, well ... just vulgar. "To each their own."

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Take for example Robin Williams. Some of his earlier stand ups were hilarious, even though there where touches of vulgarity. He was truly an artist, bringing people just to the brink of offense then making them laugh their way back.

Then you have others that rely on shock and nastiness as their entire routine. Not a fan of those.

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Hello x:

From my PERSONAL perspective, some comedians are OVER the top.. I'm not, however, required to partake.. I have an ON/OFF button on my TV, and I don't HAVE to go to their shows..

I certainly don't support muzzling them..


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If you go see a comedy show expect to have certain groups put down, if you do not like it then don't go see it. Only weak, insecure, pathetic, mentally unstable people get offended. Nothing bothers me, not even when Kathy Griffin held up Trump's severed head.

When people go off the deep end rioting and vandalizing when they see a 150 year old Confederate statue you know they need to get into a mental institution ASAP. Did you notice there were no Republicans burning down cities when Kate Steinle, a pretty, white Christian girl was gunned down by an illegal minority? Thankfully there are still civilized people who do not resort to barbarism when they do not get their way.

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Only weak, insecure, pathetic, mentally unstable people get offended.

Well put.

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As long as the comedian is in a recognized comedic venue, like a comedy club or talk show or whatever, then anything and everything they want to say is fair game so long as they're not violating public decency laws (like FCC no cussing regulations). That's what you get with free expression. That's what you get by tuning in to listen to the comedian. But if that same comedian shows up uninvited to your wife's funeral and starts cracking jokes unexpectedly then they pushed it too far.

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Jokes often have a "butt", and everyone takes their turn as the "butt", but there are some people who just can't tolerate being the "butt" of a joke.

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You are right.

One of the things entailed in being the butt of a joke is having some flaw or foible exposed, usually unsympathetically.

The more it bothers us that our flaws are exposed, the more important it is that we be the but of jokes about that. That way we may finally address the foible.

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I would say that it is impossible for a comedian to push anything too far. That is not to say that a comedian is always funny.

In an interview on Q, Hugh Lorre postulated that "humor is how we test the reasonableness of propositions."

The idea is that things that are perfectly reasonable, and that we react to or engage with in reasonable ways are simply not funny.

Sometimes things are funny because they are unreasonable enough to be absurd.

Alternately, things are funny because they are completely reasonable and true, and our reaction to them is in some way unreasonable. Perhaps we are unrealistic in our expectations, or common reactions to the proposition are unreasonable or exaggerated.

Sometimes things are funny because we have commonly overlooked the reasonableness or unreasonableness of a proposition, and it is surprising or absurd that we should have previously missed it.

This concept puts comedians in the position of examining and exposing the reasonableness and unreasonableness of various propositions that often are unconsidered by most people.

Comedians either phrase the proposition in a new way, or juxtapose it against other propositions that accent aspects of its reasonableness or unreasonableness in a new or unexpected way.

That means that people who are offended by humor are likely to have one of the following problems.

- 1 - They disagree with the assessment of the reasonableness of the proposition.

- 2 - They misunderstand whether the proposition was found to be reasonable or unreasonable. (They do not get the joke, or they misunderstand why it is funny.)

- 3 - They are afraid of, angry about, or disempowered by the implications of the conclusion that the proposition is reasonable/unreasonable.

- 4 - For some reason they object to the proposition being examined in this way, by this person, or in front of this audience.

- 5 - They think that by "being offended" they garner the power of victimhood, and can in someway stifle the examination of that and similar propositions.

- 6 - They just want an excuse to complain about something.

Regardless, they need to get over themselves. Offense is not given, but it is an

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Comedians all have their own shtick and some are edgy and say jokes for shock value. A lot of times their observational humor pokes fun at the ridiculous P.C. liberal authoritarian culture that goes so far to be the thought police everywhere they go. However, the raunchy, vulgar and taboo nature of the particular comedian is always something that anyone willing to shell out TicketMaster prices to see are well aware of. Sometimes the crass and irreverent jokes made at the expense of questionable cultural topics appeal to fans who see the levity as a catharsis from the liberal culture that never ceases to lay blame on society for whatever their perceived grievance of victimhood is that week. But the audacity people have to not only take offense from an artistic bit by a professional comedian, but then rather than removing themselves, they interrupt the show to scold the performer who is there to get laughs not protests. They escalate the shaming making everyone feel awkward which eventually ruins the night for everyone present. All in a self-righteous display of virtue signalling while arrogantly hijacking the show to make themselves the star on centerstage. I have been to 4 comedy shows where this has happened, not to mention the times I see it happen on TV. You almost get the feeling they think that they are on a sting operation laying low for just the right time to foist their over-inflated self-serving sanctimonious moralizing into the lives of fans that merely showed-up to escape the over sensitive crybabies who spend their existence seeking out the next thing to be offended over. They continue the crusade by going home and blasting the performer all over the Internet before they call and complain to the theater and send numerous hate emails to the comedian.

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