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Do I Have a Religious Discrimination Case?

Ok, I’m a Pagan (openly).  I go to quarterly meetings at my job s corporate office.  To start off the preceding, the President asked everyone to bow and he says a long ass Bible thumper prayer.  No one really says anything when I just stand there, but I get many a “stank eye”.  I can’t prove I’m treated different but no one really “buddys up with me.


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Maybe, but "stank eye" never hurt anyone. Sounds like you live in the Bible Belt? Few places in the north would stank eye you for your own belief.

Anyway, in this case, I'm with you. I'd get the EYE also. I wouldn't call it discrimination unless they tried to ENSLAVE me to their standard. Then the feces would hit the rotary air mover! ;-)

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You don't. Let the idiots think you are agnostic and simply doubt it and don't go to the fucking mass when they all know you're against Christianity. Simple, really. Don't be a dick to them and their views and they won't shove their views down your throat.

If you find them pressuring you to say you're Christian etc. Then record the ways they pressure you in some kind of diary/journal and you will have your Case.

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Isn't it interesting that the old time Communists said the way you destroy the United States and Europe is to get rid of Christianity, and liberals followed suit like a dog wagging its tail?

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I can’t prove I’m treated different but no one really “buddys up with me.

Hello S:

Nahh... There are two parts to a civil lawsuit, liability and damages.. You got 'em on the liability part... But, since you're NOT damaged monetarily, you have no suit...


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